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 Through Military Components, buyers can now enjoy access to over 5000 approved and listed suppliers. Military Components has developed this list as a culmination of component sourcing effort by their Harlow based procurement team together with their network of regional specialists located throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East. Military Components service is especially valuable to component buyers because it offers products from heatsink clips, consumables to helicopter subassemblies, whilst guaranteeing strict quality control across the whole range. And the ‘5000+’ dimension consistently yields a wide choice of manufacturers and therefore minimum price and delivery for the target parts. This is complemented by local expertise and funding, which ensures that the right goods are selected, paid for and released from the manufacturer immediately, then expedited to the customer with no unnecessary export paperwork delays. These resources often allow Military Components to outperform their customers’ internal procurement departments – Sometimes even when their customer is another distributor!

As a quality distributor, Military Components is focused entirely on procurement excellence for parts as requested, however unusual or hard to find they may be. Significant time is invested in invalidating their suppliers’ quality credentials; this can include visits to the suppliers’ manufacturing premises. Suppliers include OEMs and QPL (Quality Product List) manufacturers which have been approved by prime manufacturers, and all Condition Codes from NE (New Equipment) through to OH (Overhaul Condition) can be sourced. A full range of MOD / Aviation approved and ISO 9001 and AS9120a certified NATO standard components are available to defence purchasers. Military Component’s exclusive use of manufacturers with ISO/AS supply chain traceability is complemented by their own ISO 9001 AS9120a certification.

Military Components is well resourced financially, with extensive funding for purchasing available not only in Harlow but also locally to their manufacturers to expedite a rapid response to customer requirements. Military Components also nurtures its staff resource by promoting a professional attitude to customers balanced by a relaxed office environment. This is driven partly by an altruistic wish to see their staff happy as well as effective, but it makes great business sense as well. With a motivated team and low staff turnover, Military Components account managers can develop the long term relationships essential to supply Government departments, major defence contractors and similar organisations in the UK and around the world. Military Components is part of the group of companies.

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