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Oracle Components Ltd, t/a Military Components, has recently completed a contract with an MoD DE&S Project Team for attrition buy to support the Front Line Commands during a conflict. We successfully won the competition for this contract by being proactive with our current suppliers and by building relationships with new customers and suppliers. These relationships have opened new doors for future business and broadened our search routes direct to manufacturers around the world.

Following the completion of this contract, we were then requested to compete for a 4-year enabling contract with the same MoD DE&S Project Team which we were successful in securing due to our continued involvement with various MoD Project Teams and high supplier success rates we have constantly achieved.

The majority of the requirements are based on delivery and we pride ourselves on our prompt and accurate response times and performance levels. If you would like to discuss any of this in greater detail please feel free to contact us, or failing that references can be provided from the MoD DE&S Project Team involved. They can confirm the above and provide you with information on our services.

We are now an approved supplier for several MoD DE&S Project Teams who use us on various contracts and GPC buys on a regular basis. We have approved suppliers to Boeing UK & US, Thales and many more primary contractors, large OEMs and military suppliers.

Oracle Components Ltd is proud to support the UK MoD in this way and this success goes some way to demonstrate that we are able to help you with any requirement and provide you with the reliability and professionalism your company requires.

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